What's your M&S? Crap, that's what it is.

All around Bedford’s branch of Marks & Spencer there are big signs talking about their 0% commission on foreign currency deal. I know this, because I spent a good deal of time this morning wandering around it looking for somewhere I could actually change my money.

Finally, I located a help desk and enquired as to where I could go to change my pounds sterling into Euros. The answer, it turns out, is Milton Keynes. This information is not proferred on the many big signs and leaflets dotted around the Bedford store, a good 40-minute drive from the one in Milton Keynes.

I commented at the time that the cost of travelling to Milton Keynes to change money would rather outweigh the benefits of the 0% commission. But what I now feel I should also have pointed out was that the benefits of going on holiday to the South of France would be potentially annulled by spending any amount of time in Milton Keynes.

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