This behavir will not happen again

A Year 7 group went a little off the rails in a composition workshop I did with them last week, so it was pure joy to turn up today to a heap of letters of apology, apparently written under the impression that I might be too upset to ever come back and teach them again.

It is a glorious catalogue of illiteracy and finger pointing, but a few deserve special mention, like the boy who wrote:

I appoligise for talking when you were talking and to prove i can stick to this appoligy i will not make commentes on anything you say and if someone is talking or doing anything inapropreat i will leave them alone and let them get in trouble

Next up, a fine demonstration of laying the blame elsewhere (a future politician, I reckon):

I am sorry for the very childish behavior (sic) of my fellow class mates. They behaved very silly and I hope they will treat you with more respect.

My personal favourite makes reference to an incident when I was trying to demonstrate how a minor key could make a song sound sad:

…I am also sorry about Matthew saying “Emily said thats the sort of thing emos listen to” and am sorry for that disrupting the class what I actually said was “that sound like he’s realy deppresed”. Then to myself “kind of emo style” (as we were thinking about styles)

Finally, a special mention for the girl who signs her letter “many sinful apologies…”. Wouldn’t expect anything less in a faith school.

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