It's enough to make my blog go all Richard Littlejohn…

Network Rail say that there should be obligatory questions about level crossings in the driving theory test, due to the number of people making last-minute dashes across level crossings every year.

No, Network Rail, no. The drivers doing the frankly terrifying things on the above BBC report are not risking their lives because they don’t know about level crossings. They are doing it because, pure and simple, they are twats.

These are the same drivers who weave in and out of lanes at 110mph on the motorway; the ones who speed onto roundabouts to nip ahead of approaching cars; the ones who drive at 45mph in residential areas and occasionally kill people.

It’s not that I care if they get hit by a train. It may sound heartless, but it is factually undeniable that they deserve to die. It’s the people around them who don’t, and that’s why the solution has bugger all to do with the theory test. The solution is to make it illegal and take people’s licenses off them when they do it – plain and simple, same as drink driving and for exactly the same reasons.

It wouldn’t sort out the idiotic schoolkids featured at the end of the report, but it would be a start.

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