Objectionable stanza #2

A quick, if tardy, update on the Lee Hall situation: it seems that in return for changing one of the couplets in the offending stanza, Hall has persuaded Opera North to go ahead with his opera after all. Hurray!

The objectionable stanza will now go:

Of course I’m gay
That’s why I went away
So if you infer
That I prefer
A lad to a lass
And him working class
I’d have to concur.

Bay Primary School are back in the opera. Opera North are ‘delighted’. Lee Hall describes it as a ‘victory’. Folk across twitter, gay and otherwise, are talking of justice and sanity. Everyone is happy!

…and they’re all ignoring one vital point: it’s still a terrible stanza. Indeed, all three of the sins I observed before remain intact.

It makes me wonder whether William McGonagall might have seen more commercial success if he had claimed to be the victim of homophobic discrimination. Clearly, artistic ability is as nothing to the power of the outraged minority.

The thing with Lee Hall
Whose lyrics appall
(As Sondheim would say: death of wit)
Is that top of his crimes,
Where others use rhymes
He uses identities – twit.

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