Dear Sir, imagine my surprise #517


Just to keep you informed, I will not be making a return visit to Bedford Cineworld, or indeed any Cineworld cinema, until I have some kind of assurance that the experience will be radically better than it was for me this evening. If I’m going to fork out nearly £10 for a ticket I expect the sound in the cinema to at least equal what I get out of my own relatively lo-spec home system. But even for half the price I think I could reasonably expect to make out what people in the film were saying.

It may be that most people, having read the final Harry Potter book, don’t need to hear the dialogue in the film version; I don’t have any such advantage. Furthermore, as a professional musician I can say with some authority that the many people involved in producing the film’s soundtrack would be disgusted by the delivery of their work (in short, bass distorted and overall mix muffled). As the UK’s number one multiplex cinema chain you will no doubt spare no expense to fix these problems as soon as possible, but in the meantime could I suggest you add subtitles to every film so audiences have some idea what the hell is going on.

Maybe it would have all made more sense to me if I’d been able to clearly see the screen; sadly, the naked light bulb directly above me prevented any chance of that happening.


James Lark

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