Good dog

Was I the only person watching Doctor Who today who desperately hoped Sarah Jane Smith would say, “yeah, alright Doctor, I’ll stick around for a few more adventures”?

Never mind, it was great fun. So many things to fit in – Sarah Jane, K9 and his demise (sort of), the return of boring Mickey and, at last, an actual storyline involving the possible restructuring of the universe (or something) no less – meant that none of them quite got the time we wanted them to have, and Anthony Stewart Head was rather wasted. But frankly after last week’s offering it’s a relief to see so many things packed into a single episode (including a storyline! gosh) and wasn’t it fantastic to see the Doctor already in the middle of the situation at the start of the story so we didn’t have to go through all that “where are we going now, Doctor?” “to the most mind-blowing place you’ve seen yet!” “oh, wow Doctor, can I just say it’s AMAZING travelling with you!” crap.

I do hope the Executive Producer was watching, he might have picked up some useful tips.

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