I just had a conversation with somebody on MSN which went thus:

Adam says: d’you know, i saw a comedy act yesterday. they said it was the first improvised comedy show ever to exist in cambridge.

James says: I hope you corrected them

Adam says: they split the audience down the middle and asked them to name random words.

James says: ah

Adam says: the similarities were startling

James says: maybe WE copied them…?

Adam says: it was rather more amusing in its entirety than any of the stuff they actually did. it was like ‘uncertainty division rejects’. there were two women with extremely small breasts, a very fat person, a dwarf and a sad-looking geek with long hair.

Adam wasn’t able to recall the name of the group in question, but it’s a pretty detailed description, so does anybody have any information as to who these people may be?

We have been copied once before by Cambridge’s Comedy Iceberg, who reproduced our poster and flyers for No Second Thoughts but with stick men instead of lego men. So, the same, but a bit crap.

Surely this can’t be them, though? Knowing as they do of our existence (and our posters) they wouldn’t claim to be “the first improvised comedy show ever to exist in cambridge”??? Even we haven’t been bold enough to make that claim, since it makes sense that anything anybody does in Cambridge comedy is bound to have been done four years previously.

Anybody with information about these upstarts, do let us know.

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